Media Work by Philip Edgington
Advertisement Production (Resub) - 17May2012

Today we had our third meeting for advertisement production. It has become apparent that some parts are moving faster than expected (we have nearly finished the first scene and am about to film the thrid scene) but some are moving slower than expected (such as finding an office,as employers kind of need their offices to earn a living…).

Hopefully the three scenes can be completed soon. The second scene, although essential, is possibly one of the most difficult scenes I have ever had to plan in my academic career, but the “reward” at the end should be good. 

My target is to complete the advert by the end of the month. 

My video installation - “Unappreciated Technology”

My video installation - “Unappreciated Technology”

Advertisement Production (Resub) - 30April2012

Today I briefed my team fully on the advert idea and what the necessary stages are to complete in order to get it done. I also discussed the idea with another member of our group and found that the script lacked a beginning, hence one was added in a montage of numerous job adverts being answered. I have also created the ending graphic. 

The first stage is to find the locations, and I have already had some ideas of houses to film in. I will scour the area to find a suitable office for filming in. Next stage is to find actors.

Hopefully this can all get done for next week so that filming can begin asap. I want to make a beautiful and inspiring advert. 

Advertisement Production (Resub) - 26April2012

I’m just one more criteria off of gaining a distinction for Advertising, hence I have chosen to create a new and complex 60 second advert instead of a 30 second one. 

After pitching my idea (Job interviews, one interviewee gets the job, happy ending), I have uncovered a few challenges such as gaining many extras and finding a nice looking office for filming in, but I guess that the harder something is to make, the bigger the reward.

I am going to go through the idea to add common codes and conventions of advertising to it, then go about setting roles and responsibilities for my team. I want to create a schedule so that we don’t spend ages on a 60 second media piece and I aim to finish it by the middle of next month. 

Video Installation - 26Apr2012

Today I edited together the video for my video installation. I wanted to simplify my original idea, as I found the original to be too complex for a student project. Currently, the idea is to use three videos showing angles on a mobile phone alone in the rain.

The idea of this installation is to suggest that people should appreciate technology more, as it probably isn’t appreciated enough. 

I’m going to get everything ready tomorrow and see if I can practice setting everything up and syncing the three videos together in the time I am given. I also want to write the description and get ready for any questions. 

Music Video Production (Resub) - 21Apr2012

Below is a screenshot from one the ideas I have for my next music video, which should hopefully get a distinction this time around. 

The idea is to create a comedic scenario in that a male protagonist wants to save the girl of his dreams from a store robbery she is in, by going to the costume shop,  the martial arts dojo and the “Super Powers” store, to become a superhero and save the day, all with chocolate bars. 

Since the song is Caring Is Creepy by The Shins, I want to make a very random and humorous video to go with the song, as well as include plenty of imagination. 

The above shot was made using a camera, a chocolate bar with paper eyes and mouth, and the background is actually a 2D, not 3D image. This is the first planned shot of the video, where the hero walks down the row of shops. 

Although the whole video has been storyboarded, I still need to check if it will work. 

Video Installation - 09Apr2012

Today I did a test shoot for the video for my video installation. As planned, I filmed a mobile phone in the rain, as a way of making the audience feel sorry for the technology in view, and want to appreciate their phone more. 

I tried filming the phone on a glass pane and the phone on the street floor. When the final shoot commences tomorrow (it rains again in the morning apparently), I will remember to make sure that the phone in upright when it is getting filmed on the street to make it more obvious that it is a phone. The glass pane shoot went better.

I think a few more touches should be added to my planning file, such as risk assessment and links to installation artists work. 

Corp and Promo - 05Apr2012 (sign off)

I have finally finished corp and promo programme production. Yesterday I braved the cold weather to get the video files across to the client, and this morning saw the launch of the new videos on the Destination Chesterfield channel. The videos are now public and I can finally show them off.

Changing Face -

Business -

The client has been very kind in asking to do a press release to show how Destination Chesterfield has worked with Chesterfield College students, so hopefully I might end up on the newspapers (again). 

What remains now is me to submit the final part of my paperwork which shows how the Business episode went from inception to final product, then I should be done with corp and promo programme production. 

This was the most difficult and ambitious unit on my media course mostly because of all the pressure of working for a real business, but I am glad that it’s over.

It’s so exciting to see your work officially published.

Corp and Promo - 02Apr2012

I got an email from the client today asking for when I could get my videos over to him, as his website is about to get rebooted and would be nice to include my films. 

And so, I am to give him my films over Easter, then Corp and Promo is officially finished for me.

The satisfaction is knowing that I made two decent films which are good enough to go onto a pro website.   

Factual Programme Production - 29Mar2012

Today I finished off the sound editing (adding voice over / music ect) and made sure everything was at the same level and was audible.  For relevant reasons, our editor was off today but the draft she made beforehand was good enough for me to play with in adding the sound. 

Upon people watching it, I found that problems with the edit include it being too boring and slow in the beginning which could be disastrous for our target audience, however, the documentary seemed to engage people with the animals in the film and the young girl feeding the animals section aimed at our intended audience very well. 

If we had more time, I guess that we would have shortened the opening slow moving scenes more to give it more pace, and probably redo my interview which seemed very disjointed. 

Factual Programme Production - 28Mar2012

I wrote down all the final edits that need applying to the documentary before I submit it tomorrow - I think the editor will be off on that day so it’s up to the rest of the team. 

I see that a few tweaks need applying, including shortening down the feeding animals part and adding more music to it, and the voice of god. 

My planning file is ready for submission, as well as my interview techniques file, which is good news. 

Factual Programme Production - 26Mar2012

Today we created the first draft of the documentary, as well as recorded the voice of god. 

I am to edit the final version on Thursday, so I am going to add a few more cutaways during long takes and add an ending sequence.  

Thankfully, everything is going well. I am going to finish off my planning file and submit it. 

FMP - 24Mar2012

I have the great fortune of finding that there is an Edexel brief called Unit 38 - Soundtrack Production for Moving Image (not a part of my media course) which has an outline of what should be included and considered for a planning file for a post production sound engineer such as myself.

I am going to use this for my production file, and hopefully this will ensure my planning file is correct for Tuesday. 

Corp and Promo - 13Mar2012

Luckily I managed to gain some time to finish off the Business episode, and this resulted in it being finished and sent to the client. 

He replied saying that he was happy with it, and mentioned how the music change made a very big difference. I will complete my additional production file and submit everything in. 

Now what remains is the other group making completing their films so we can set up some kind of edit presentation. 

Factual Programme Production - 23Mar2012

So far we have 6 minutes of the first draft of our documentary edited, and since we have quite alot more to add, it may run over the 10 minutes and into probably 15, unless we decide to edit some of it down and just keep in bare essentials. 

Today I am going to create some of the graphics required for the film to bridge some of the parts, as well as organise a recording date for the voice of god and prepare for the final day of filming on Sunday, where I am to conduct my interview and also gain establishing shots of the farm. 

I don’t mind if the documentary is long, just as long as it’s interesting and flowing.